5 Reasons why Network Security is Important for Small and Medium Enterprises?

Computers and computer networks, be it WiFi/Ethernet, have become ubiquitous in today’s world and so is Internet. Wherever there are computers at use, they are connected to the Internet. With increasing demand for cloud applications more and more data is stored online in the cloud.

More and more people are sending and receiving thousands and thousands of bytes of data from the Internet.Network security is important and becomes a must have for all organizations. Here are 10 reasons why Network security is important specific to Small and Medium enterprises.

1. Cyber Laws with respect to Illegal downloads

With almost everyone in your company connected to the Internet either directly or via email, all sorts of data is being accessed and downloaded into your organization. It is difficult to manually monitor who is downloading what? and to keep track of legal vs illegal downloads. Cyber laws in the coming years are going to be further tightened and stringently applied. One can face huge penalties and even jail term if found guilty of download illegal content from Internet.

So what constitutes Illegal downloads? Following is a quick reference list of illegal downloads:

  1. Pirated Software
  2. Unlicensed Media such as Movies, Images and Music
  3. A certain category of Adult content

It is difficult to educate and nearly impossible to monitor round the clock if your employees are downloading such files. Products such as Skywall provide protection by blocking content that is illegal. There are marked categories which a user can blanket block to avoid constant manual monitoring.

2. Cyber Threats – Hackers / Attacks / Data theft

There is a large and growing Hacking community out there looking for that one open door network to hack into. Hackers typically hack into networks connected to the Internet to steal data or destroy data. In either case, your organizations’ data is at risk. There are thousands of ways in which a hacker can manipulate network and get into your computer from the Internet. Your data is important for your organization. Using a network firewall will block all open doors for entry and keep hackers at bay.

3. Threat from Viruses and Malware

Most organizations use Windows operating system on their computers. Windows unlike other OSs is more prone to Virus and Malware attacks. Typical approach is to have an antivirus software installed on all computers in the network which scans for viruses after the files is copied. There are several ways in which viruses can gain entry to your computer. It could be via (a) CD/DVD, (b) USD disk/pen drive, (c) Internet. Files downloaded from Internet may contain deadly Viruses/Malware which can create havoc in your computer and may even spread to other computers via local area network (LAN). A Firewall with in-built antivirus will provide protection against such threats by blocking the infected file from downloading.

4. Data theft by Employees

With opportunities galore the world and people are becoming more and more materialistic. Your competitor might lure one of your employees into passing a very important file / data about your organization without your knowledge over the Internet. It is crime but sometimes may even be committed by an angry employee in the spur of a moment. Once done, there is nothing you can do about it. Securing your network by way of filtering what your employees are allowed to use on the Internet you can minimise this risk to the maximum extent. Skywall even provide protection against files copied into USB pen drives too.

5. Innocence or Untrained Work force

More often than not, it is the lack of knowledge that makes things unsafe. For example, people share folders on the network with read/write access and then forget to protect them against user authentication. This leaves the folder, potentially containing important files, open to the entire world to access and download. Although done unknowingly, there is no way to monitor such activities. A network firewall product would block out all such shares from the access by the external world (Internet) such that the folder is still accessible within your LAN but not from the Internet.

Act now and protect your network before its too late. You can always get in touch with us for help.

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