Internships 2019

Like all our previous years, we are also excited to welcome intern this year to Informant Networks

Our interns are given challenging tasks to take them on a learning experience that culminates at the end of 15 weeks of work at Informant Networks. The projects taken up by interns are real world problems that are later deployed into the market and provide a sense of accomplishment for the interns

Our Internship applications are now open for the June 2019 internship program. Students are expected to join their projects during the first week of June and end in the middle of August

To apply for an internship at Informant Networks send an email to with the subject line “Application for June 2019 Internships”. Kindly send a brief description about yourself and what you believe are your key skillsets that you wish to leverage during your internship here

Also, please attach your current resume and/or screenshots of any previous project done.

You will then be called into our office for an in-person meeting before being offered your internship