Managed Operational Security – So you can be in peace

In the current market scenario, it is of utmost importance to maintain a sustained image to your brand.  In view of the same,organizations need to maintain an unceasing online presence to attract potential customers. Since September 2016, we have responded to incidents at 3 separate web development and web hosting provider companies in Belgaum and Bangalore due to their infrastructure being compromised. The compromise of these servers resulted in the defacement of some websites hosted on those servers, which led to redirection of website visitors to other sites with adult content, pharmaceutical products etc..

In the process of responding to these events, we were able to quickly diagnose the problem and provide insight into the nature of the attack, possible remediations and finally managed to re-host the sites in a secure hosting space for each customer in the compromised web servers. In this process, we were also able to manage enhanced layers of security and speed to these websites to prevent them from any future attacks and ensure efficient outputs.

As a course of us providing these services to our customers, we now have developed the means to ensure that a website is monitored and secured at all times.

We now extend the same to you under our new service offering, Managed Operational Security.

Managed Operational Security(MOS) is useful for businesses who would want the servers that host their brand to be safe from attackers, in-turn assist web developers, programmers and designers to do what they do best and not worry about the security of their infrastructure.

What is bundled in Managed Operational Security?

Managed Operational Security from Informant Networks provides a security-first dedicated cloud platform developed to host websites, web applications and file sharing resources to protect against defacement, denial of service, exploitation of your servers and other critical hosted assets. We adopt a proactive and nimble approach to make sure your brand is always protected and available on the Internet

Technical Description

Each Managed Operational Security cluster is tailored with the needs of the customer in mind and is commissioned depending upon what you use to build and run your websites (i.e. WordPress, Joomla, Django). Every instance on our secure cloud has a dedicated IP address and runs using the latest technologies to ensure security and integrity of your site. The cloud is provisioned for one customer which ensures that there is no risk of lateral infections from a third party.

The advantages to Managed Operational Security are

  1. Dedicated, tailor-made, secure and continuously monitored infrastructure
  2. Higher SEO ranks since all machines have a unique IP
  3. Easier SSL Certificate Deployment
  4. Zero hassle hosting with automated deployments. i.e. increased concentration on core business
  5. Weekly full data backups
  6. Timely monitoring of the status of the sites
  7. Daily updates to servers, application of patches, monitor of DoS and DDoS attacks

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