Internships 2019

Like all our previous years, we are also excited to welcome intern this year to Informant Networks

Our interns are given challenging tasks to take them on a learning experience that culminates at the end of 15 weeks of work at Informant Networks. The projects taken up by interns are real world problems that are later deployed into the market and provide a sense of accomplishment for the interns

Our Internship applications are now open for the June 2019 internship program. Students are expected to join their projects during the first week of June and end in the middle of August

To apply for an internship at Informant Networks send an email to with the subject line “Application for June 2019 Internships”. Kindly send a brief description about yourself and what you believe are your key skillsets that you wish to leverage during your internship here

Also, please attach your current resume and/or screenshots of any previous project done.

You will then be called into our office for an in-person meeting before being offered your internship

Introducing USB Scout

In our numerous interactions with the industry and our customers, one problem that we have found ever prevalent is the use of removable storage on company computers. Organizations are always vary of insiders stealing information on USB devices. Since mobile phones can also act as data carrying mechanisms, files can be taken from a company PC not just using a Pen Drive or an external disk storage, but by also connecting a phone using the USB cable and using the smartphone in MTP(Media Transfer) mode.

To solve this problem, we have spent months in developing a solution that we feel will put you at ease regarding data theft in your enterprise. USB Scout

USB Scout is a one of a kind software package that works in the background on a machine, silent observing and scouting for file exchanges that occur between the computer and any external medium. When a file is copied to a Pen Drive or a Smart phone, USB Scout records the activity and reports it to a central database that helps you to know all file movement in your organization via a Dashboard

You can also block USB usage on an endpoint using the dashboard and monitor all file exchanges

You can get your copy of USB Scout by visiting and click on “Register for a Free 1 Year License” 

Once the sign-up process is complete, a download link and license key will be sent to you. A single license key can be installed in a maximum of 10 endpoints

The license confirmation email will also contain a username and password for you to login into and manage your endpoints. All USB activity will also be shown to you once register all the endpoints and login into the personal dashboard provided to you

A video demo of the product can be seen here


5 Reasons why Network Security is Important for Small and Medium Enterprises?

Computers and computer networks, be it WiFi/Ethernet, have become ubiquitous in today’s world and so is Internet. Wherever there are computers at use, they are connected to the Internet. With increasing demand for cloud applications more and more data is stored online in the cloud.

More and more people are sending and receiving thousands and thousands of bytes of data from the Internet.Network security is important and becomes a must have for all organizations. Here are 10 reasons why Network security is important specific to Small and Medium enterprises. Continue reading